Who We Serve

Building Owners and Developers

Graydaze knows that your schedule is everything. From the very beginning, we can provide quick estimates to help you make more informed decisions. Whether it’s new construction or the acquisition of existing property, our team will partner with you at every phase of the project to ensure schedules and budgets are met, communication is thorough, and expectations are exceeded. The result is buildings that represent you well and deliver the quality and curb appeal that help you get them leased.

General Contractors

Before the first coat of paint has been applied, our team is hard at work, gathering the details to help create accurate estimates and avoid surprises. Graydaze is part of the team —a partner from start to finish—committed to making the buildings look amazing and helping you shine. Challenges are inevitable, and, as one of the top specialty contractors in the nation, we can quickly shift resources to address issues and keep the project on schedule.

Property Managers

At Graydaze, we take care of you by taking care of your tenants. When projects, big or small, come up, we take pride in responding rapidly and getting the job done right with the least impact and disruption to everyone’s schedules and operations. Our team excels at communication, letting you and your tenants know exactly what we’re doing and when we’re going to do it – no surprises, only complete satisfaction. That’s how we build long-term client relationships and a reputation for excellence.

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