Our Dedicated Teams

Sales & Estimating Team

At Graydaze Contracting, our success reflects the long-term relationships we have created within the warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution center markets. Our estimating team is anchored by the concept of selling people, not projects. Our team brings decades of experience in the warehouse market to each bid we review. The result is a clear itemized proposal that simplifies scope review, provides transparent pricing and gives our clients a complete bid package in the first round.

By focusing exclusively on the warehouse and manufacturing market, we can give you an accurate working budget for painting and sealants early in the bidding process, which allows our clients to focus on other development issues with the confidence that we have painting and sealants covered. Whether you are budgeting a speculative warehouse, e-commerce logistics center, or manufacturing facility, our estimating team has the experience to ensure you have the details needed to start the job right.

Project Management Team

Every successful project begins with preparation – knowing the details and ensuring we have the information, equipment, and other resources we need to hit the ground running. To achieve this, our Project Manager (PM) Team performs a pre-mobilization site visit to evaluate every aspect of the job.

Once we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, our PM Team is ready to put “boots on the ground,” managing and owning the project from Day 1. Ownership means supporting and communicating with each other, holding ourselves to a high standard, and performing our tasks with safety and quality in mind at all times.

Even when the project is wrapping up, we know that there’s more work to be done to earn the next opportunity. First, we punch our own work instead of waiting for others to point things out. Our PM Team ensures that there are no loose ends and asks for your feedback on our performance. Perfection is our goal, and your input helps us achieve it.

Operations Team

Every company touts safety, but Graydaze takes it a step further by having a dedicated In-house Safety and Quality Control Team. This team is completely focused on ensuring every job site is a safe job site and that we deliver consistent quality job to job, crew to crew, and state to state. The result is an excellent safety record and happy clients from coast to coast.

Customer Experience (CX) Team

Graydaze understands that there are multiple facets to projects, and not all of them are taking place on the job site. Our Customer Experience Team helps us achieve complete customer satisfaction by reaching out to the back office to provide a smooth process for them as well. Draw-downs, lein waivers, startup or close-out docs, we have all your paperwork covered start to finish.  When you partner with us, nothing is overlooked and no corners are cut. We want to make it easy for you to work with us. That’s the difference between a company that only thinks about projects and one that is much more interested in building a long-term relationship.


Field Experience (FX) Team

A successful project requires a safe and competent team on the job site. At Graydaze, we have a dedicated field experience team that focuses on the field and creating an experience that attracts and retains the best installers in the business. We handle all aspects of the project from the perspective of the job site team. Whether it’s maintaining compliance, sending safety supplies to the job site, or resolving a job site issue, this team understands that the best way to take care of our clients and consistently deliver exceptional results is to take care of our employees and equip them for success.

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