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The Graydaze Way


The Graydaze Way

When it comes to painting, specialty coatings, and sealant installation, a job can be done in two ways: You either give it your all, or you don’t. There is no in-between.

At Graydaze, schedules and budgets are met. Expectations are exceeded. And when a challenge comes along, we roll up our sleeves and face it head-on. As a result, we are among the top specialty contractors in the nation and getting stronger every day. We believe in our people and listening before we act. We believe in doing the right thing, regardless of cost, and treating others the way we want to be treated.

That’s more than our belief system; it’s also our approach, which is implemented in our processes and procedures and instilled through our training. Words only mean something when they are followed with action, and the Graydaze Power to Outperform Training Program organizes everything in such a way that everyone knows what is expected of them and how they can apply what they’ve learned with confidence and clarity.

Part 1:

Gear Up for Greatness

Success begins when preparation and communication come together. By spending the time to get the details right, from accurate pricing and a well-defined scope of work to precise scheduling and no-shortcut safety protocols, Graydaze takes the time and effort to ensure that we are prepared to hit the ground running.

Our high standards and extreme attention to detail help us start and finish projects right. That approach is ingrained into our team members from day one through our training program and reinforced by holding ourselves and each other accountable.

Part 2:

Own & Execute

No excuses, only solutions – that’s how we do business. When you partner with Graydaze, you’re working with a company that is tougher on ourselves than our clients are.

Our name and reputation are on the line, whether we are doing the first or hundredth project for you. When issues come up, we go above and beyond to resolve them promptly and completely.

By taking ownership and executing to our fullest abilities time after time, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and a level of trust that makes us more than vendors – we’re partners who find satisfaction by helping you and your business succeed.

Part 3:

Finish Strong

At Graydaze, our job isn’t done until you and your clients are completely satisfied. In other words, “good enough” is never good enough for us. When you are preparing a punch list at the end of a job, our goal is to not be on it, making you and your team look good.

We accomplish this by creating and completing our own punch list first – being proactive and ensuring that everything is up to our standard. And, if there are any issues, we make it our top priority to resolve them immediately.

Graydaze is customer service and relationship-building company. We just happen to deliver that excellence through the expertise of painting, specialty coatings, and sealant installation.

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