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Exterior Repainting

Every commercial building needs a little TLC from exterior coating contractors now and then to restore the look of the building after the weather wears it away. Our customizable commercial exterior painting service is designed to give your facility the refreshing makeover it needs.  Commercial exterior painting doesn’t have to be difficult! Our team knows what paints work best with different materials to get the best look for your facility. You’re guaranteed excellent results because we pride ourselves on delivering only the best for our customers! You can choose from our wide selection of paints to acquire the desired look for your building, and a commercial painting contractor from our team will apply it for you.

Warehouse Painting

While a warehouse’s appearance may not seem important at first glance, restoration is key to reinforcing the structure’s integrity. Our warehouse painting services not only give your facility the much-needed touch-ups you want but the superb workmanship you deserve and a commitment to making your commercial warehouse stand out. Our fully trained warehouse painters will always complete the work to your satisfaction. A warehouse repaint is more than just a quick fix to the interior. Industrial warehouse repaint services involve figuring out the best way to bring the place to life and restoring the structure to its top form for your benefit. When you reach out to us, we’ll send a warehouse repainting contractor out to discuss the details with you.

Full Building Repaint

A full building repaint can only be accomplished by professionals with years of experience. With the right tools and skills, a commercial painter can deliver exactly what you want. Luckily, we have a team with comprehensive painting skills, fully prepared to give you a long-lasting coat of paint. Ready for a building repaint? We’re only a click or call away. When you contact us, you hire years of experience and proven high-quality craftsmanship to restore your facility. There’s nowhere else you’ll find a commercial painting contractor as dedicated to your project as we are. Our work ethic spurs us to go above and beyond, exceeding your expectations.

Tenant Rebranding

Graydaze offers a wide variety of services to the people of San Antonio. Your tenant building will look new once we finish our industrial repainting services. We’re trained to deliver industrial exterior painting services that will transform your building and add to its value. Once we’re done, you won’t even recognize the place! In addition to a fresh coat of paint, we can also repair any sealant issues we come across. Say goodbye to your structural concerns when you give us a call. We’ll help you restore the building and turn it into a showcase of your brand’s identity and offering.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Other companies risk shoddy work to make a quick buck, but we put your business first. We understand the importance of appearances, which is why it’s our goal to help your business look its best. Warehouse repainting is one thing, but what about the main structure? We’ve got you covered. We can send a texture painting contractor to spice up your exterior, giving your facility a fresh look. Contact us to discuss the details and receive a free estimate for your project. We know that one coat of paint is not enough to get the job done, so we apply several coats to commercial buildings so that the color will last.

Joint Sealant Installation

We do more than just commercial painting! Our concrete joint sealant contractors offer professional sealing services for your facility. Your work surfaces will be secured and sealed, creating a safe work environment and minimizing the risk of leaks. Our installation team is ready and able to seal your surfaces to keep them fresh and clean-looking for a long time. Proper commercial caulking requires skills and knowledge that come from experience and a commitment to quality. We will deliver the perfect finish that will surpass your expectations. You and your employees won’t regret the decision to hire professionals for sealing projects.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

What can you do if your concrete slabs aren’t fixed properly? Have you noticed a leak or water stains but are unsure what the next steps are? Don’t wait! Give us a call. Proper maintenance of your surfaces ensures that they last a long while. The Graydaze team is knowledgeable about what sealants work best for your surfaces to prevent leaks from causing lasting damage. Your surfaces will be ready to use when we’re finished so that you can bid your worries goodbye. Staying on top of repairs ensures that your business runs smoothly and your warehouse looks just as great inside as it does outside.

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Our goal is to make San Antonio, TX, a breathtaking, well-maintained area for all who pass through, thanks to our trusted and respected handiwork. Choose Graydaze as your commercial painting contractor today – we guarantee you’ll love the results. Hire Graydaze to improve your business’s image with a fresh coat of paint and a lot of love. You deserve a team that looks out for you, which is where we come in! Request your free estimate today!  

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