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Exterior Repainting

Given the extreme weather in Salt Lake City, UT, it is imperative that every commercial building gets a repainting now and then. Ordering our commercial exterior painting service ensures that you maintain the lively and fresh look that will optimize your building for business success. Our exterior repainting team has the expertise to know which paints go well with different exterior materials like wood or concrete. We also present a wide selection of paints from the best paint manufacturing companies. You do not need to worry about quality when working with any of our commercial painters because they only deliver excellent results.

Warehouse Painting

Most property owners don’t care about a warehouse’s appearance because the primary goal is to store items. However, industrial warehouse repaints are much more than giving the warehouse a facelift. Repainting your warehouse ensures that the dents and scratches from equipment don’t get too noticeable and eventually wear out the warehouse. Your employees must also work in a well-maintained, sleek place for motivation and a sense of belonging.

Full Building Repaint

A full building repaint requires skill, the right tools, and years of experience to achieve an outstanding result. We are lucky to have industrial painting contractors with many years of successful full building repaints in Salt Lake City, UT. Experience, commitment, and work ethic allow us to deliver precisely what clients want and even surpass their expectations. Our team is just a phone call away and ready to help you with that rebranding or renewing of your commercial building. With us, you conduct a full building repaint with a knowledgeable and well-equipped commercial painting company with a remarkable record of beautiful building repaints.

Tenant Rebranding

Our commercial painting contractor company is diverse regarding the services we offer to the people of Salt Lake City, UT. We have a highly skilled team in rebranding and making your tenant building look like a new building. Besides applying a fresh coat of paint on the exteriors and the interiors, we can also repair any sealant damage to ensure tenants have safe and beautiful spaces. The rebranding will help you attract more clients and retain the ones you already serve. If you have not done any repairs, rebrands, or repaints in a while, it is about time you get a rebranding team from Graydaze. We promise to make it worth your while.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

When working with commercial buildings, we ensure that our commercial painter team can represent your brand in the best way possible. Do not underplay your brand or services by having shoddy work done in your place of business. Our commercial painting contractors are skilled at painting and applying beautiful coats on different surfaces within commercial buildings. Once you commission the project, expect to be dazzled by the exceptionally sleek and neat work our exterior coating contractors will do. Reach out to us for that commercial interior or commercial exterior painting.

Joint Sealant Installation

Our company does more than just industrial exterior painting. We can also do joint sealant installations for your building in Salt Lake City, UT, for high efficiency and safety. Our joint sealant installation team ensures that your surfaces are well sealed to provide a high-performance work surface. Whether you want polyurea or epoxy as your sealant, our concrete joint sealant contractors have got you covered. Such installations require high skill and commitment to bring out the perfect finish and create a high-functioning work surface for you and your employees.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Are you stuck with improperly fixed concrete slabs and do not know what to do? Grab a phone and call our warehouse painting contractor to come help remake your building. We can do industrial repainting and slab and sealant repairs in your Salt Lake City, UT, commercial building. Our commercial caulking team has a comprehensive knowledge of the suitable sealants and techniques to keep your slabs intact and make your surfaces safe and ready to use. Proper maintenance of the surfaces ensures that you keep your building up and running for a considerable time. Those repairs are essential to address as soon as you notice a leak.

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We strive to make Salt Lake City, UT, a place with beautiful and well-maintained buildings through our warehouse repainting, industrial slab repairs, and joint sealant installations. Our texture painting contractors and all other contractors at Graydaze have been at it long enough to help you choose the right colors, products, and designs when rebranding. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and affordable warehouse painting services throughout Salt Lake City, UT. We also offer a single-source warranty to all our clients to ensure they get what they want from any services they get from us. Allow us to do that warehouse repaint for you today and change how clients view your place of business. Show love to the place that makes you money and watch how it pays you back for that care and attention. We guarantee high-quality services that will be worth every penny you spend.

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