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Exterior Repainting

Since Portland tends to see a lot of rain and several other severe weather conditions, it’s important to maintain the outside of your building. Between mold, mildew, chipping paint, and water damage, it’s a good idea to do an exterior repaint every once in a while. This can keep your building looking fresh and ready to receive customers and massively increase your curb appeal if you want to sell. Our team has specialists in exterior repainting and can support you in figuring out which paint to use on your specific outer material. Whether you have wood, concrete, drywall, or some other material outside your house or commercial space, our experts can help you decide which type of paint to use.

Warehouse Painting

Warehouse repainting may sound excessive, but it’s critical to ensure your building is attractive to potential renters and storage clients. By hiring our industrial warehouse repaint specialists, you can be assured that your warehouse’s exterior will receive the best treatment. An expert warehouse painting contractor from Graydaze will be able to cover the entire building quickly and efficiently. You may not be convinced that you need industrial exterior painting for your warehouse, but consider how maintaining its appealing appearance benefits your block and your neighbors. Also, having a solid coat of paint applied by industrial painting contractors can protect your warehouse from other damage like mold, mildew, and water damage that weakens the infrastructure.

Full Building Repaint

If you’re looking to cover an entire building with a total building repaint, you should look no further than our services. We can transform a building that once belonged to another service or company and personalize it to your brand. This way, you are getting a fresh start with your facility that feels unique to you. Or, if you’re looking to spruce things up, this is a great way to shift your identity as a business and culture. In Portland, popular styles and trends are changing all the time. A repaint can help you keep up with the city’s fast-paced growth.

Tenant Rebranding

If you’re looking to rebrand altogether, we can do that too! Our experts can help you decide what steps you can take to rebrand your building to make it look fresh and give it the right feel for your new era. We can apply new paint and repair any sealant or joint damage to ensure that your building is safe, pretty, and unlikely to incur further impairment. A fresh face for your building can help attract customers and tenants and make your business look a little more cutting-edge. This way, it can compete with other local companies with new, gorgeous exteriors.

Commercial Painting and Coatings

Our team also applies this excellent work, dedicated quality, and measured care to our commercial exterior painting service. Our team will help you present your brand in a way that is intriguing, clean, and representative of who you are. A well-done exterior from a commercial painting contractor can help represent you in a better light and make customers more likely to seek you out. If they observe that you maintain your building well, they’ll trust the services you provide more. Our experts are deft with detail work and can help create an elegant-looking exterior for your building.

Joint Sealant Installation

Not only does our team offer many different painting services, but we offer joint sealant installation as well. This type of maintenance is very useful in Portland, as frequent rain can diminish the integrity of your building’s joints. Having the joints in your building retouched makes it look better and helps ensure that it is safer and less prone to leakage. Unsealed or improperly sealed joints are vulnerable to more than just water damage. Plant roots can widen existing cracks, mold can grow and cause health problems, and pests can wriggle their way through to infest your facility. Our team offers a variety of sealants, such as polyurea or epoxy. While this can be a difficult installation for some contractors, it is a breeze for the contractors at Graydaze as they are certified experts in their field.

Industrial Slab and Sealant Repairs

Not only can our team perform several different types of painting and joint sealant repairs, but they can also do industrial slab and sealant repairs. Our concrete joint sealant contractors are experts at fixing and installing concrete slabs. They have extensive knowledge that allows them to pick out the slabs and sealants that are right for your building. Our contractors perform work that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adequately sealed and functional. This can help prevent leaks, and if you are already noticing leakage, the service can help stop it in its tracks, increasing the lifespan of your building.

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