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Exterior Repainting

Every building needs a touch-up now and then to keep its exterior in prime shape. Repainting is especially important in Phoenix, AZ, given the extreme heat and long periods of intense sunlight. A neglected-looking exterior can have a severely negative impact on your business prospects. Our expert industrial painting contractors have years of experience repainting and revitalizing commercial buildings in Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale, AZ. We know precisely which paints and paint colors stand up best to prolonged UV light and heat exposure. We only use the very best products from top manufacturers when providing our commercial exterior painting service.

Warehouse Painting

Many people consider Phoneix’s warehouse district a prime candidate for the next big wave of development. This means warehouse painting services are more important than ever to keep up with the competition. Whether you’re looking to join in the development action or sell your property to the highest bidder, a full industrial warehouse repaint will boost your building’s curb appeal. Our staff of professional and talented warehouse painters is ready to get to work. You’ll be amazed at the transformation a formerly drab or shuttered storage building can undergo after an expert warehouse painting contractor puts some love and care into its exterior. Once you’ve booked your full warehouse repainting with Graydaze, you’ll be more than proud to show off your building’s new face and join the throngs of exciting new establishments popping up all over Phoenix, AZ.

Full Building Repaint

Industrial repainting is a big deal no matter the scope of the job, but a full building repaint takes the cake as far as labor, dedication, and attention to detail are concerned. You’ll need to hire a commercial painting company with years of experience, the right tools, and an impeccably trained team of exterior coating contractors to get the best possible results out of your investment. We provide the highest quality commercial exterior repainting service in Phoenix, AZ, whether you need a touch-up here and there or a fresh coat of paint over your entire building.

Tenant Rebranding

Revitalizing your warehouse and putting your brand’s identity front and center is part of our commercial painting contractor services. A blank, lifeless exterior will make most people think twice before doing business. Graydaze’s commercial painter team will help you in your rebranding journey by giving your tenant building an attractive new face. We can even provide a talented and experienced texture painting contractor to elevate the look of your building beyond the ordinary and make your property stand out. Give your building’s curb appeal a serious boost with our expert and reliable commercial exterior painting service.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Are you looking to update your Phoenix, AZ, business with a fresh façade? Nothing brings in a revitalizing stream of revenue and new clients like an appealing new look for your commercial space. We work with businesses all throughout Glendale, Mesa, and Phoenix. Get in touch with our exterior coating contractors to give your commercial building a fabulous makeover. Our commercial painting contractor team is ready to tackle any commercial or industrial exterior painting job, no matter how large or small. We have the expertise, tools, and materials to make your business or commercial space look like a whole new building.

Joint Sealant Installation

Keeping your building cool is of the utmost importance in Phoenix, AZ, where the temperature is over 100 degrees an average of 111 days out of the year. In such intense conditions, sealant around your commercial property can degrade over time, especially when exposed to heat and UV rays. Bringing in a team of expert concrete joint sealant contractors is essential to maintaining your Phoenix, AZ, building. We offer a full range of commercial caulking and joint sealant installation services. Our technicians can use any caulking or sealing material you desire, including polyurea or epoxy. We guarantee a smooth and sleek finish that will look polished for years to come.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Broken, damaged, or improperly sealed concrete slabs can create a dangerously uneven surface and leave your building vulnerable to encroaching water and other environmental elements. Call our industrial painting contractors to take a look at your building. We can handle any repairs or sealing your concrete slabs might require, ensuring your building is safe to work in and looks great.

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Maintaining the look of our buildings in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, is a full-time job that requires a dedicated team of industrial painting contractors to stay on top of all repairs and building repaints needed to keep our city looking its best.  At Graydaze, we do our part to refresh and revitalize the city by offering a full range of industrial repainting and warehouse painting services, as well as maintenance, repair, and joint sealant installation services for building owners. We offer fast and reliable turnaround times for our customers, and a single-source warranty to guarantee complete satisfaction with our commercial exterior painting service. Reach out to our commercial painting contractor team and request an estimate today!

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