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Exterior Repainting

Every building deserves to be loved from the inside out. And every building deserves to look just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. When you hire a commercial painting contractor from our company, you are guaranteed an expert painting service that makes sure that the exterior of your building looks as fresh and new as it did when it was first built. It doesn’t matter what kind of material the exterior of your building is; the texture painting contractor team we send over will know the best tools for the job and the best paints for your premises. We only source our painting materials from top manufacturers, so whatever paint job you’re looking for, you can guarantee it’ll be done using the finest materials. If it’s creative freedom, top-of-the-range products, and expert craftsmanship you’re after – we’re the industrial painting contractors for you.

Warehouse Painting

You may not think about the state of your warehouse’s exterior. Your main concern is the products you stock inside, after all. As a commercial painting contractor in Orlando, FL, we’re here to tell you that appearance does matter. It matters to your customers, and it matters to your staff. It should matter to you. Warehouse repainting also ensures that any scratches or dents from equipment and years of wear and tear are eradicated. We take pride as a warehouse painting contractor in checking our clients’ buildings for damage at the same as breathing new life into them with our painting skills.  With an industrial warehouse repaint, we catch any problems that could develop into more serious issues early on and ensure that your building is a safe and aesthetically-pleasing space for you and your staff to work from.

Full Building Repaint

Thinking to yourself, “Hmm. My commercial building could use some TLC, Maybe I’ll give it a shot.”  Don’t try and take on a full building repaint yourself rather than hiring professional warehouse painters – we’ve seen it attempted before. It all starts as an exciting new project that gets weary over time. Soon you realize what a daunting job it is and wish you’d hired a commercial painting contractor from day one. This means it’s time to call Graydaze. When one of our exterior coating contractors takes on the job, you’re getting years’ worth of experience and top-notch industry standard materials and equipment. So, don’t try and save the pennies by doing it yourself – you’ll end up spending more getting the professionals to do it in the end anyway. You can rely on our commercial exterior painting service, and we won’t disappoint you.

Tenant Rebranding

When you hire our commercial painter team, you’re getting an expert with experience in a breadth of different projects. Here at Graydaze, we’ve taken on many tenant exterior repainting and rebranding jobs and can make your building look exquisite. Whether you’re just after a fresh coat of paint on both the exterior and interior or you need the full works, we’re the commercial painting contractor to come to. If you’ve not updated your building in a while and it needs a little pick-me-up, it’s time for action. It’s better to get it done in advance than when things start to fall apart!

Commercial Painting & Coatings

It doesn’t matter what the project size or what type of materials need our attention: our commercial exterior painting services are world-class and experienced in all situations. Trust us to complete your project, and we’ll deliver the sleekest, most elegant finish you could ever wish for. Whatever commercial painting or coating services you need, don’t hesitate. Get in touch with Graydaze today.

Joint Sealant Installation

We’re not just an industrial repainting expert – we also offer joint sealant installation and commercial caulking. We use high-quality sealant to protect joints in your commercial building, protecting work surfaces and improving their appearance. Our concrete joint sealant contractors will ensure your work surfaces are perfect for you and your staff.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

If your concrete slabs are improperly fixed, you need to sort them out ASAP. We’ve got excellent knowledge of the appropriate techniques and sealants to ensure your business is a safe place to work and that your slabs are well-maintained. We also offer routine maintenance services to check up on them and perform any minor repairs before they become more severe.

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Calling all Orlando, Florida commercial building owners – Graydaze is here to take on the job of transforming your building into the best version of itself it can be. Make your warehouse stand out to your clients with a full repaint job, and watch how your business grows. From warehouse painting to slab and sealant repairs to general maintenance, we can take your building from 10 to 100. Call us or fill out an online form today to request a free estimate!

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