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Exterior Repainting

The intense heat of Los Angeles summers can quickly bleach and damage your exterior paintwork. It is best to do exterior repainting now and again to keep your commercial property looking new and well-maintained. That is where a well-respected commercial painting contractor such as Graydaze comes in handy. Our team of exterior coating contractors will help you decide on a color and brand to suit your preferences, building material, and budget. You can expect the best commercial exterior painting quality and durability when you work with our team of professionals.

Warehouse Painting

Many people put their warehouse repainting plans on the back burner, which can cause several problems. A facility that does not receive timely industrial warehouse repaint services will show a lot of wear and tear. Poorly maintained paintwork may lead to the general wearing out of the building sooner than expected. It will also impact the way employees and clients perceive the building. No one wants to work in or do business in a poorly maintained structure. As a registered warehouse painting contractor, we will readily help you complete a warehouse repaint. Our industrial exterior painting and other services come in at highly affordable rates. Our warehouse painters are highly trained and have the correct equipment and knowledge to tackle the challenges specific to warehouse painting and other large-scale jobs. Get in touch to learn more about our extensive warehouse painting services.

Full Building Repaint

If it’s time to freshen up your commercial property, we can help you do a full building repaint. We will match your existing colors to the fullest extent possible if required, and we’ll help you choose the best colors and paint types to suit your building if it’s time for a change. Whether you’re completely rebranding or need to update your building’s color scheme, appearance, and atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place. Our team can do a full building repaint for you without a hitch. Doing a building repaint requires special skills and equipment, not to mention patience and attention to detail. It’s best to hire our expert commercial painting contractor team from Graydaze to handle the project for you. There is no job too big for our commercial painting company to handle.

Tenant Rebranding

Rebranding your tenant buildings is a great way to attract new clients and keep your current ones happy. As a top-tier Los Angeles commercial painting contractor, we have extensive experience helping local landlords with tenant rebranding. You can rest assured that you’ll get the best results when working with Graydaze. You’ll have satisfied tenants in safe, aesthetically pleasing environments when you rebrand your tenant building with a high-end commercial painting company. A freshly painted building with thoughtful and modern branding sends the message that you care about providing a positive, up-to-date environment where people may work or reside with pride. If you need to remember when you last did a rebrand and repaint for your Los Angeles building, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Our commercial painter staff is ready to help.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Your building is a representation of your business. This means your commercial exterior painting should be top-notch to attract those top-drawer clients. We can help you achieve your desired look and feel with our meticulous, all-inclusive commercial exterior painting service. We can take care of all your commercial painting requirements with skill and precision. We also offer top commercial caulking solutions to make sure your business operates in a safe area with proper sealing work. If you’re in the market for a commercial painting company, look no further – Graydaze has got you covered. Every commercial painter on our team has the proper skill set and training to handle your project expertly.

Joint Sealant Installation

Our concrete joint sealant contractors can provide excellent artistry to keep your facility free from leaks, whether for a new or existing building. We will ensure the result is of the highest quality, thus ensuring surfaces are safe and ready for all your business operations or warehouse activities. We typically offer epoxy or polyurea sealant options. We will happily advise you on the best for your needs and budget. Our team members are trained and have many years of experience in joint sealant installation, so you can trust us to do a great job.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

We’re not only industrial painting contractors; we also do slab and sealant repair work in Los Angeles, CA. We offer commercial caulking to make sure your business premises are safe and protected from encroaching water and mold growth. Our team members have a broad base of knowledge about sealant types and correct sealing techniques, which means they’ll ensure your concrete slabs remain unbroken and safe to use. If you hire professionals to maintain these surfaces regularly, you’ll be able to use the spaces for many years. It’s important to do maintenance as soon as you notice any cracking, breaking, or leakage in your sealants.

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We make it our business to see our clients in Los Angeles, CA get the best professional commercial painter quality and customer care. We deliver results on time, and our services are affordable. Plus, we pride ourselves on being able to help keep the city looking its best. Whether you need warehouse repainting, industrial repainting, a full building repaint, concrete joint sealant contractors, or any of our other commercial painting company services, we’ll do the job to our highest standards. Contact our commercial painting contractor team to request an estimate for your commercial painting project today.

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