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Exterior Repainting

Our exterior repainting team has the expertise to know which paints go well with different exterior materials like wood or concrete. We also present a wide selection of paints from the best paint manufacturing companies. You do not need to worry about quality when working with a Graydaze commercial painter because we only deliver excellent results. Our industrial exterior painting specialists can offer a wide selection of paints from top-of-the-line paint manufacturers and know exactly which kinds to use depending on the materials used to mount your commercial building. The quality of our work is one of the main things our commercial painting company is proud of, as we constantly make sure to deliver results that satisfy our customer’s needs.

Warehouse Painting

Warehouses aren’t exactly famed for their glamorous looks or known as architectural feats – after all, their sole purpose is to store products before they are ready for export or sale. Nonetheless, hiring a warehouse painting contractor is justified by the simple principle of taking care of what you own; the heavy machinery used in these buildings is bound to cause structural damage and dents. Warehouse repainting could also motivate your staff and lighten up their moods. Imagine how your frontline workers would feel if they suddenly walked in one day and found a shiny, brand new bright assortment of colors lining the walls of the run-down, emotionally empty 30-year-old warehouse they were previously accustomed to working in.

Full Building Repaint

Aside from improving its overall appearance for new customers who may walk through your doors, opting for a building repaint can do wonders to protect your commercial building’s surfaces and prevent further damage. If you’re looking to relocate to bigger premises, hiring a commercial painting contractor to take care of this task will preserve or even raise your building’s market value. Our professionals have years of experience when it comes to industrial repainting and will have your commercial building looking amazing in no time. We have the equipment to breathe some life and shave some years off aged buildings, which will raise its overall curb appeal and look up to standard in a city as glamorous as Las Vegas.

Tenant Rebranding

With more and more long-time businesses choosing to rebrand their commercial buildings to connect with younger audiences, it may be time to follow suit. Whether you want to launch a full-scale rebranding process or touch up your establishment’s looks, our team has the skills and expertise to make your vision come to life. Aside from our standard commercial exterior painting service that’s made Graydaze a leading painting contractor, our team can also repair sealant and structural damage to guarantee your customers’ and tenants’ safety and well-being. No matter how big or small the rebranding and overall repairs you choose to order may seem, be sure that our industry professionals will do an excellent job.

Commercial Painting & Coating

When working with commercial businesses, our commercial exterior painting specialists will always provide top-of-the-line service to ensure that your brand’s values and color palettes are best represented with every paint job. A dull or run-down establishment can threaten everything your business has worked so hard to achieve in attracting new customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our exterior coating contractors. They are more than capable of breathing some life back into your business by dishing out eye-popping patterns and colors of paint that can elevate your building’s feel and make it worthy of going toe-to-toe with Sin City’s finest commercial establishments.

Joint Sealant Installation

Although Graydaze is famed for our industrial repainting services, you can also count on our experienced concrete joint sealant contractors. They can guarantee the safety of your employees and customers inside your building. Surfaces will no longer be prone to seal breaks once we’re done with them. Your employees need to have the safety of working on a stable work surface that allows them to fulfill their daily responsibilities without worrying about their well-being. Our commercial caulking specialists can help protect them and the equipment they use.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Improperly installed concrete slabs can be one of the most annoying problems for building owners to deal with, harming the integrity of your establishment and forcing you to spend big bucks with accidents being bound to happen. If you want to prevent these events from occurring in your Las Vegas, NV, commercial building, we also offer industrial slab repair services and take care of improperly fixed sealants. Properly maintaining your establishment is one of many key responsibilities for a building owner, and we can help you accomplish your maintenance goals.

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Graydaze can assist Las Vegas businesses and commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes, from warehouse repainting services to tenant rebranding projects. In a city considered the leading commercial, financial and cultural center for the state of Nevada, upkeeping your establishment’s looks and structural integrity to match the glamour of its location becomes paramount. Don’t hesitate to request an estimate via our online contact form today!

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