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Exterior Repainting

Kansas City is no stranger to high winds! While these winds are part of what makes Kansas City unique, they can also cause faster wear and tear on the paint on the outside of homes and structures.  With the paint chipping away more frequently, you can expect that homes and businesses will need more attention to the paintwork, at least annually.  With a commercial painting company, painters can be there whenever you need a new coat of paint on the exterior of your structure. Our warehouse painters at Graydaze can schedule yearly visits to update your paint, so you don’t have to think about your exterior repainting again.

Warehouse Painting

Most people aren’t too worried about their warehouse appearance or their warehouse painting contractor, which is understandable. After all, warehouses aren’t built to be pretty or luxurious.  But if some issues, like dents or rust, are left alone for too long, the stability and integrity of the warehouse could become compromised. If this happens, then anyone working inside would be in danger. It also could be a risk for anything valuable stored inside.  Luckily, the paint jobs offered by Graydaze in Kansas City will help to catch these imperfections and dents before they become large enough to be more problematic. It’s also far safer to hire a commercial painter for this than to do it yourself.

Full Building Repaint

Our teams at Graydaze are specially trained in conducting full building repaints. Our industrial repainting services are designed to keep your premises looking professional and to help you attract business. You need to hire our professional industrial painting contractors for the best results.  Regardless of whether you’re repainting to rebrand a building for a new company, a new color scheme, or to cover up scratches and damage, you’ll be better off with a certified commercial exterior painting service team who knows how to do so and make your final industrial warehouse repaint stunning!

Tenant Rebranding

Moving into a new space as a tenant is tricky, but we are here to help. Making sure that your new building matches your branding is important for business. You’ll need a new coat of paint around the building, logos and all, which can be time-consuming, but our teams know how to make a tenant building look brand new. Our contractors are also skilled at resealing doors and windows and general interior repainting and fixing. Our services make your building look clean, beautiful, and safe. With a job done this way, you will attract new customers and help reliably keep your current customers.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

If you need your place of business tidied up and redone, you need a highly trained commercial painting contractor like our team at Graydaze Contracting.  Having a team like us take care of your commercial refinishing and retouching because you will avoid any risk of it going wrong and looking unkempt.  The materials and chemicals used to create the painting must be exactly right when it comes to exterior painting and coating. Otherwise, there could be a risk of the paint peeling right off, cracking, staining, or generally looking bad.  Because of these risks involved with painting a place of business that needs to look stellar to help you grow, hiring the well-trained pros at Graydaze will leave you delighted every time.

Joint Sealant Installation

Sealing your concrete is important as a step to prevent any issues with breakage and staining. To ensure that your work surfaces are stellar and sturdy, trust our commercial painting contractor team to seal them.  Our skills, paired with our professional-grade supplies, will set you up to have the perfect surfaces regardless of the material, so you can work without worry.  Our ability to provide these joint sealant installations is safe and ensures that your surfaces and personnel are safe while on the job, too!

Industrial Slab and Sealant Repairs

Cement slabs are at risk of shifting and cracking over time. This can happen in extreme weather or due to tree roots growing where they shouldn’t. You can trust Graydaze to ensure this gets fixed immediately without problems!  We can provide you with slab repair, commercial caulking, and a resealing procedure to help prevent the problem from returning.  Resealing with Graydaze will also help to prevent damage in the case of bad weather in Kansas City, tree roots, or even a car leaking oil. It happens, and we have you covered. 

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At Graydaze, we pride ourselves on our commitment to serving Kansas City, MO, and keeping it as beautiful as possible.  From refreshing paint, sealing surfaces, replenishing paint coatings, and serving warehouses and tenants. Regardless of your building or industrial repainting needs, we’re the commercial painting contractor you need!  Our team of highly trained technicians has years of experience contracting for all types of building repaint, warehouse painting services, and concrete joint sealant contracting jobs. If you want to make your place of business stand out and have a new life and presence, give us a call now.  With a fresh coat of paint and new sealant for your warehouse, we can give you that “brand new business” appearance.  For any commercial painting, industrial repainting, or general contracting jobs you need, get in touch to request a free estimate today!

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