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Exterior Repainting

The harsh Texan sun is brutal on exterior paint, with harmful UV rays causing damage and fading that brings down the overall look of the building. When you book our commercial exterior painting service, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a building that looks brand new. Our knowledgeable industrial painting contractors know exactly which types of paint to use on different building materials, such as metal, concrete, brick, and wood. When you book your building repaint with us, you can rest easy knowing your commercial painting contractor will use only the finest paints available from top-rated manufacturers. We take immense pride in our work, and we guarantee the final results will allow your commercial building to put its best foot forward in representing your Houston, TX, business.

Warehouse Painting

It may seem counterintuitive to book an industrial warehouse repaint since warehouses are traditionally used to store merchandise and not much else. However, warehouse repainting benefits you by demonstrating that you are committed to improving the overall look of the neighborhood. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint from our warehouse painters will protect your concrete exterior from UV damage, prolonging the life of the structure and protecting the merchandise inside. What’s more, the rise in cultural interest in industrial spaces has led to a new appreciation among the public for “warehouse chic” as a desirable wedding aesthetic. After booking our warehouse painting services, you may even receive requests from Houston, TX, couples who want to book your freshly made-up industrial space for weddings or engagement parties. An additional stream of revenue never hurt anyone!

Full Building Repaint

No matter how large or small the building, a full building repaint requires dedication, patience, incredible skill, and a wide array of high-quality tools in order to ensure the best results. Our specialized team of industrial painting contractors has years of experience under their belts, contributing many a full building repaint to the Houston, TX, metropolitan area. We have a system for commercial exterior painting that guarantees exceptional results every time. Don’t be intimidated by the scale of the job; repainting an entire office building or industrial space is achievable with the right team of professional exterior coating contractors. Give us a call today and request an estimate from our top-rated commercial painting company.

Tenant Rebranding

With over 100,000 housing units in the city, Houston, TX, has an ever-growing need for exterior repainting and tenant rebranding services. Every commercial painting contractor on our team has the training and know-how to completely redo the outside of your tenant building, with a full range of commercial exterior painting services. Graydaze can even provide specialists to go that extra mile, such as a texture painting contractor who can give your building a unique exterior that will draw the interest of new tenants. Rebranding your tenant building by booking the services of a trained commercial painter will help you attract more clients while maintaining good relationships with your current tenants. Our exterior coating contractors can also fix any concrete sealant or commercial caulking you might need, ensuring your tenants will be safe and happy while renting your space.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Commercial exterior painting is our bread and butter, and our commercial painter team is unbeatable when it comes to expertise and professionalism. Booking our commercial exterior painting service guarantees you spectacular results that will be admired by passersby for years to come. Don’t settle for sub-par workmanship that won’t hold up to the sun and rain. Book your commercial or warehouse repainting with the best commercial painting company in Houston, TX, instead.

Joint Sealant Installation

Graydaze has a lot more to offer than industrial exterior painting. We have a full staff of concrete joint sealant contractors ready to tackle any sealant needs your Houston, TX building may have. Protect your building from the notorious Houston rains with our expert commercial caulking services. Just like our industrial repainting team, our concrete joint sealant contractors are able to work with any caulking material you prefer, including epoxy and polyurea. Our team has the expertise to complete every commercial caulking job with the highest degree of professionalism, leaving you with a watertight seal that looks polished and impeccable.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Improperly sealed or fixed concrete slabs are a blight on any industrial building, and they require immediate attention from an expert warehouse painting contractor. If you’re in need of slab or sealant repairs to your Houston, TX commercial space, call us right away for our industrial repainting and commercial caulking services. Industrial slab and sealant repairs should always be handled by a trained professional since working with epoxy and other sealants can be dangerous without the right knowledge and equipment. Besides, you want the final result to look great as well as protect your building from leaks. Placing your industrial exterior painting needs into the hands of our exterior coating contractors will guarantee the job gets done right every time.

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Maintaining a commercial building in Houston, TX, takes an incredible amount of dedication. It pays to have a team of outstanding industrial painting contractors on your side to handle any industrial repainting needs as they arise. Whether you need a texture painting contractor to handle intricate details or a whole team to handle a complete industrial warehouse repaint, Graydaze has got you covered. We can help you at every step of the way, from choosing paint colors and sealants to putting the finishing touches on your exterior repainting. We also offer a single-source warranty to all our esteemed clients to ensure your needs are met every time you book services from our commercial painting company. Don’t leave your commercial building, warehouse, or industrial space to the mercy and whims of our harsh Houston, TX, weather. Show your building some love with top-notch industrial exterior painting services. You’ll be amazed at the return you receive on your investment due to renewed interest in your freshly painted building. Call Graydaze today to request an estimate!

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