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Exterior Painting

Maintaining your property’s exterior is the most effective way to boost curb appeal. We have a team of fully experienced commercial painters ready to give your building a facelift. Through our exterior painting services, you’ll be the talk of the town in no time and will attract new business to your establishment.  Our commercial painting company understands that every project is different. We gladly offer a free estimate and consultation to get your project well on its way. We also understand how important preparation is to ensure the final result we give you is high-quality. We follow essential steps to prep all surfaces before a paintbrush touches them. This includes:
  • Washing surfaces and removing mildew or mold
  • Removing any loose paint and prepping glossy areas by sanding them
  • Fill in gaps with caulk to make sure there are no future water intrusions
After surfaces have been prepped, the painting can begin. Our commercial painters will follow specific steps such as priming all painted areas, painting surfaces with high-quality paint, cleaning all tools and materials around your home, and inspecting the job after completion to ensure you’re satisfied. 

Warehouse Painting

An industrial warehouse repaint is a massive job and requires a high-quality commercial painting contractor. Graydaze is here to ensure you get the warehouse repainting services you need at a price you can afford. We’ll take care of the job quickly and with minimal fuss, leaving you with a superb job every time. Our warehouse painters will also ensure your employees have a well-maintained workspace. You’ll create an enticing workspace through a quality warehouse painting service that could increase motivation and productivity levels.  Our warehouse painting contractor team delivers exceptional work with almost no interruption to your everyday operations. Our team will devise a plan to respect your property and inventory if you need exterior or interior warehouse painting services. We will arrive on time and complete the work according to schedule. 

Full Building Repaint

It will be easy to get away with patching up faded spots on your building for a while, but eventually, you will need a full building repaint. It’ll become impossible to cover up every spot, mark, or scratch. Our commercial painting contractor team is ready to give your warehouse or commercial building the industrial exterior painting job you need. Our attention to detail is second to none, and we source our paint from top manufacturers, guaranteeing you a top-notch finish.

Tenant Rebranding

The Graydaze tenant rebranding service will help your brand stand out and encourage new clients to remember the name. Our commercial exterior painting team will give your building the makeover it deserves and your business a clear identity. If you’re unsure about what your building needs, we can help! We’ll help you in your rebranding journey and leave you with a personalized building you’ll love. We’ve got a keen eye for exterior design and the skills for the job. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our exterior repainting services.

Commercial Painting and Coating

The Graydaze professional commercial exterior painting services include:
  • Painting and coating 
  • Sealant installation
  • Maintenance and repainting 
  • Industrial repaints
We provide excellent high-quality work for many commercial industries, like office buildings, condominium complexes, retail stores, healthcare facilities, parking garages, and more.  Our commercial painting and coating services are completed quickly, and we pride ourselves on our timeliness. Get in touch with us for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can help.

Joint Sealant Installation

The Graydaze commercial painting contractors also offer joint sealant installation. These sealants are used to seal any joints or gaps between two or more substrates. Joint sealant installation is a critical component of building design and construction. Any surface with potential contact with moisture should be properly waterproofed, regardless of the building or structure.  Some common exterior surfaces that require different waterproofing materials are concrete walls, balconies, floors, and structural steel. They need materials that stand up to the elements and are flexible enough to contact and expand at varying temperatures. 

Industrial Slab and Sealant Repairs

Concrete is a sturdy and reliable material, but it can develop problems that must be dealt with over time. Not only can crack or lifted concrete be an eyesore, but it can also become a tripping hazard. This flooring can sustain damage for a long time, but some variables can reduce its strength, like moisture.  Frequent traffic from facility workers, wheeled equipment, or forklifts can make your floor dirty and lead to hygiene issues. It can also cause allergies and damage to onsite equipment and, over time, make it less durable. To avoid putting your family, friends, or employees in danger, you should reach out to our concrete joint sealant contractors about how industrial slab, commercial caulking, and sealant repair could be the right solution for you.

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Keeping up with the look of your building in Avenel, NJ, is a full-time job that requires hard-working, dedicated, and experienced professional assistance. Our industrial painting contractor team will give you something to be proud of. At Graydaze, we provide a team that can take care of the full range of building repainting services to keep your business looking its best.  We provide fast and reliable turnaround times for our customers and offer a warranty to guarantee satisfaction upon completion with our painting service. Reach out to Graydaze, your most reliable commercial painting company, and request an estimate today!

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