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Exterior Repainting

If your commercial building isn’t looking as new and welcoming as you’d like, a commercial painting contractor can help you create a new image for your business and building.  A building repaint is often the best way to let everyone who passes by the business know that it is now under new management, or that a new kind of business has opened in the space. By using the key colors of your brand identity, you can help potential customers create a visual association with your business.  With the right equipment to handle even the tallest buildings, we offer the best commercial exterior painting service in Atlanta. The team at Graydaze is ready to make the exterior of your business look brand new with a neat, uniform coat of exterior repainting.  

Warehouse Painting

We perform fast and expert warehouse repainting to help reduce any interruption to your business and subsequent loss of income. With warehouse repainting, you keep the space from looking dingy and dirty over time, which helps to keep worker morale high.  Due to the nature of the work happening inside, dings, dents, paint transfer, and nicks can crop up on the wall surface of the interior of the warehouse space. Rarely does warehouse management have time to clean the wall surfaces in a warehouse, so stains that might be easy to remove if treated quickly can set in and become unsightly.  A warehouse repaint is an easy, economic way to solve these issues and return the walls to pristine condition. 

Full Building Repaint

If your building is looking less than pristine and you don’t have a full budget to remodel and renovate the space, exterior coating contractors in Atlanta can help give the space a brand-new look.   No matter how large your building is, our commercial painting company can handle the interior and exterior, leaving the whole space refreshed. With new commercial exterior painting in the right color, your space can look brighter, reflect the sunshine that comes in, and set a better mood for everyone who works there.  This seemingly large project might be overwhelming for you and a crew of amateur helpers, but it’s no problem for our experienced industrial painting contractors. 

Tenant Rebranding

Tenant rebranding in Atlanta includes many of the practical services you might need when taking over a rental building, bundled all in one to make the takeover as simple as possible. Graydaze takes care of everything from interior and commercial exterior painting for your rental units to performing small repairs to entice more potential renters to want to live in the space.  If you’re eager to get new tenants into the apartments you have for rent, getting all the services you need from one provider streamlines everything for you. Hire Graydaze and you no longer have to worry about hiring anyone else to work on the units. Our Atlanta team of specialty contractors does it all for you. 

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Commercial and industrial repainting is very different from caring for a house, thanks to the increased square footage and the possible presence of employees and customers. A business also has to have a perfect finish with no drips or spots missing to make a good impression on potential customers. A commercial painter has the right tools, experience, and knowledge to make your commercial exterior painting service an easy, fast process.  With the commercial or industrial exterior painting done, Graydaze can apply a coating to the interior or exterior surface to preserve the quality of the work.

Joint Sealant Installation

No matter how well your concrete flooring is poured and maintained, cracks in the surface can appear over time. This is especially true in warehouses and industrial environments where heavy-duty work is done on a daily basis. That’s when you need concrete joint sealant contractors.  Applying a joint sealant made of epoxy protects the surface and makes it harder for the concrete to break apart. Our team of experienced concrete joint sealant contractors can complete this process quickly and help you get your employees back to work with as little interruption as possible. 

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Bolt holes, cracks, and joint edge issues threaten the stability and integrity of your industrial slab. This can present an issue for your business down the line, leading to the need for costly repairs so you can continue to operate.  Industrial floors need to stay in good shape, or you risk increasing the need for equipment maintenance, making housekeeping of the facility tougher for your cleaning staff, and having a higher chance of creating a safety hazard.  If you have spotted cracks and holes in your industrial slab, contact our commercial caulking team to get repairs done before the issue gets worse.

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At Graydaze, we pride ourselves on the quality of specialized contracting services we offer and how quickly we can complete any services you need to upgrade your commercial building. Request an estimate for any services you need to keep your business looking great to anyone who visits.  Our industrial painting contractors in Atlanta, GA can put a fresh coat on the outside of your warehouse. Meanwhile, we also handle maintenance services like repairing commercial caulking cracks. No matter the service, we provide the best results for maintaining your property. Our team is here to help make your business look even more appealing and safer for everyone who visits.  Contact us today to find out more about how our exterior coating contractors and repair team can help you improve your property in Atlanta, GA.

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