Industrial Repairs We Can Do For You

Nationwide Rebranding Projects

Rebranding your buildings nationwide can be a stressful process if you have to work with multiple contractors across the country. With our nationwide reach, Graydaze makes rebranding simple. When working as the exclusive contractor for your projects, we are able to provide quality control for colors and ensure you are getting consistent paint jobs nationwide. We can handle anything from changing logos, new brand colors, company buyouts, to entire new portfolios. Graydaze is one of the top specialty contractors in the nation, and you can be certain your rebranding projects will be covered with confidence.

Market-Specific Onsite Analysis

At Graydaze, we can make building maintenance for entire markets easy. Our team provides onsite market inspections to help determine the scope needed to maintain your buildings. From our years of experience, Graydaze can give you opinions on the status of your buildings and help budget future pricing for repaints up to five years out. Our goal is to make your market maintenance a streamlined process that is proactive and never reactive.

Sealant Repairs

Even a perfect job will eventually require maintenance. Maintaining your facility’s sealant is crucial to ensuring a weather-tight seal and preserving the building envelope. If your building envelope isn’t water and airtight, it can lead to everything from structural degradation and mold growth to product damage and higher energy costs. To avoid serious, more costly issues down the road, we recommend an annual inspection of all your caulking and joint sealants by our trained professionals.

If you are already experiencing some of the problems previously mentioned, Graydaze has the resources and know-how needed to do the job right. In fact, we are the only national, certified installer of building envelope protection. That’s the level of service and expertise you and your facility deserve.

Industrial Slab Repairs

Protecting your facility’s most valuable asset—the industrial slab—is our business. Deteriorated industrial floors accelerate equipment maintenance, increase housekeeping costs, negatively impact employee morale, and create severe safety hazards. Graydaze provides preventative maintenance planning and repairs to protect your distribution center or manufacturing area work surface, eliminating issues before they become problems.

Nationwide Services include:

  • Joint Edge / Shoulder Repairs
  • Spall Repairs
  • Random Crack Filling
  • Joint Filler Installation
  • Bolt Hole Repairs
  • Slab Stabilization

Downloadable Solution Sheets

  • Floor Joint Filler Spall and Nosing Repairs

  • Floor Joint Filler Repairs and Maintenance


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