Do you need to register or delete DLL files? Follow these steps

NID – Registers a unique ID that identifies a returning user’s device. The ID is used for serving ads that are most relevant to the user. SmartlookCookie – Used to collect user device and location information of the site visitors to improve the websites User Experience.

  • Injector version can be installed to any folder, but for better compability recommended to extract to game folder .
  • DLL files are useful because they can allow a program to separate its different components into unique modules which can then be added or removed to include or exclude certain functionalities.
  • But not every program comes with an uninstall feature and not every program will show up in the Add/Remove Programs menu, especially if it is shareware or freeware.
  • They can also register themselves as BHOs to ensure an automatic execution each time the Internet Explorer browser is run.

Here, you need to mark the data type and drive for scanning and recovery. Get back the inaccessible or hidden data from hard drive, RAW hard drive, RAW partition, data system damage, partition loss, etc. If you empty the Recycle Bin, then you have to use the third-party software, Data Recovery, to help you recover the deleted DLL files.

STEP 3 – Fix Any Potential Hardware Issues

DLL Archive is a free program that helps you clear this mess. The freeware scans and verifies all dll files on your system and adds some to a list of dlls that are most likely obsolete. Most likely means that there is of course a chance that a particular dll is still needed. Sometimes, you may encounter some issues with the msdia80.dl issue. Then, you may want to know should you delete the msdia80.dll file?

Sometimes on some of our project when build plugins on Debug Mode after build all dll files and we have to build with release mode . I have the iifedcca.dll and maybe another, (haven’t tried to delete the other until if figure how to delete this one). I stopped the popups by going to Tools, Internet Options, Advance, unchecking Third Party Browser Extentions then restarting. I lost my ‘Y’ahoo quick reference browser icon and the Google toolbar, only temporarily, until i figure out how to delete the dll. Apparently, google and ‘Y’ toolbars and the unwanted popups work on the same 3rd party premise this dll creates.


You can review the SelfReg table here to find a full list of reasons for avoiding the self-registration mechanism. Sharing thoughts and challenges on Power Platform & Azure along with respective solutions put together… Have you had a situation where you had to debug a DLL code referred from your existing .Net Assembly.

No matter how and when the DLL is loaded, at runtime the code of each API function that is called needs to reside in the virtual memory of the calling process. Accordingly, the cwmonitor.dll is able to locate these functions in memory, either by using the API function GetProcAddress or by manually parsing the EAT of the containing Windows DLL module. For catching all calls to the particular function, a JMP instruction is written to its code location as the first operation. This JMP operation is used to reroute the execution to a customized hook function.

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